Where to Get Area Rugs Cleaned

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Area rugs can add warmth and style to any room, but over time they can accumulate dirt and stains that mar their appearance. If you want to keep your rugs looking their best, it’s crucial to have them professionally cleaned from time to time. In this section, we’ll explore the best places in the United States to get your area rugs cleaned, so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional cleaning can help maintain the appearance and extend the lifespan of your area rugs.
  • There are various options available, including professional rug cleaning services, local carpet cleaning companies, rug cleaning specialists, dry cleaning services, and eco-friendly cleaning options.
  • DIY cleaning methods can be effective but may not be suitable for all types of rugs or deeply soiled rugs.
  • Consider reviews, recommendations, pricing, and additional services offered when choosing a rug cleaning service.
  • Proper rug maintenance can help prevent dirt buildup, stains, and damage.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning your area rugs, professional rug cleaning services are a top choice. These services use specialized equipment and techniques to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your rugs. By opting for professional services, you can ensure that your rug’s beauty and lifespan are maintained for years to come.

Professional rug cleaning services are available across the United States, providing expertise in handling all types of area rugs. These services typically have professionals trained in dealing with delicate materials and designs, ensuring that your rugs are cared for properly.

Some of the top professional rug cleaning services in the US include:

Company Name Location Services Offered
Stanley Steemer Nationwide Deep cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, fiber protection
COIT Nationwide Deep cleaning, stain removal, fiber protection, rug repairs
ServiceMaster Clean Nationwide Deep cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing, rug repairs
Green Choice Carpet Cleaning New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Organic cleaning, stain removal, pet stain removal, rug repairs
Champion Chem-Dry California, Arizona, Texas, Florida Hot carbonation extraction, stain removal, pet odor removal

By choosing a professional rug cleaning service, you can rest assured that your area rugs will be cleaned thoroughly and safely. These services also offer additional services such as fiber protection, rug repairs, and odor removal to enhance the appearance and protection of your rugs.

Local Carpet Cleaning Companies

If you prefer a more personalized approach to getting your area rugs cleaned, you can turn to local carpet cleaning companies in your area. These companies often have professionals trained in handling delicate rugs and can offer tailored care to meet your specific needs.

When looking for a local carpet cleaning company, consider checking online reviews and asking for recommendations from friends or family members in your area. This can help you find reliable companies that have a reputation for providing quality rug cleaning services.

It’s important to note that not all carpet cleaning companies offer rug cleaning services, so be sure to inquire about their specialization before scheduling an appointment.

Working with a local carpet cleaning company can also have additional benefits, such as supporting small businesses in your community and having better communication with the cleaning professionals.

Rug Cleaning Specialists

If you’re looking for a rug cleaning service with specific expertise in handling various rug types and designs, your best bet is to choose a rug cleaning specialist. Rug cleaning specialists are dedicated to the craft of cleaning and maintaining rugs, and have in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with various rug materials.

When selecting a rug cleaning specialist, look for one that is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to ensure they use industry-standard cleaning techniques and equipment. You should also check their reviews and reputation in the industry to ensure they provide quality services.

One top-rated rug cleaning specialist is Rug Cleaning NYC. Located in New York City, they offer expert cleaning services for all types of rugs, from antique and Oriental to modern and synthetic. Their team of professionals uses a thorough 10-step cleaning process, including dusting, hand washing, and grooming to ensure your rug is clean and fresh.

Rug Cleaning Specialist Location Services Offered
Rug Cleaning NYC New York City, NY 10-step cleaning process, dusting, hand-washing, grooming
Los Angeles Rug Cleaning Los Angeles, CA Hand washing, stain removal, repairs, padding
Dalworth Rug Cleaning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Pickup and delivery, pre-inspection, dusting, hand washing, protective treatments

Another highly regarded rug cleaning specialist is Los Angeles Rug Cleaning, situated in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in hand washing and stain removal, as well as rug repairs, padding, and more.

For those in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Dalworth Rug Cleaning is an excellent choice. They offer pickup and delivery services and a thorough pre-inspection process to evaluate your rug’s cleaning needs. They use dusting, hand washing, and other advanced techniques to ensure your rug is free of dirt, stains, and allergens.

Choosing a rug cleaning specialist can give you peace of mind that your rug is in knowledgeable and capable hands. Be sure to research and compare services to find the right specialist for your rug cleaning needs.

Dry Cleaning Services for Rugs

When it comes to cleaning your area rugs, you may prefer dry cleaning methods that use solvents rather than water. Dry cleaning services for rugs can effectively remove dirt and stains without the need for excessive moisture. This method is particularly useful for delicate rugs that may shrink or fade with traditional wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning services for rugs typically use specialized equipment and solvents to dissolve dirt and stains, which are then extracted using vacuum-like machines. The solvents used are often petroleum-based and can have a strong odor, so it’s important to ensure proper ventilation during and after the cleaning process.

Before selecting a dry cleaning service for your rugs, make sure to research and compare different providers in your area. Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers to ensure you choose a reliable and experienced service. It’s also essential to inquire about the solvents used and the overall safety of the cleaning process.

While dry cleaning can be an effective way to clean certain types of rugs, it’s important to note that some stains and odors may require traditional wet cleaning methods. Always follow the care instructions for your specific rug type to determine the best cleaning method.

If you’re unsure which cleaning method is best for your rug, consult with a professional rug cleaning service or specialist to ensure your rug receives the care it needs.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Options

For eco-conscious individuals, there are several options for rug cleaning that prioritize sustainability and non-toxic materials. By opting for eco-friendly rug cleaning services, you can ensure that your rugs are effectively cleaned without harming the environment.

One popular eco-friendly option is steam cleaning, which uses hot water and steam to loosen dirt and stains. This method is highly effective and free from harmful chemicals. Another option is to opt for natural cleaning agents such as baking soda and vinegar, which can be highly effective in removing both stains and odors.

Additionally, there are rug cleaning companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. These companies may also use energy-efficient equipment and sustainable practices, such as recycling water used in their cleaning processes.

When selecting an eco-friendly rug cleaning service, make sure to do your research to ensure they truly prioritize sustainability and use environmentally friendly practices. Some companies may claim to be eco-friendly, but still use harmful chemicals or practices.

DIY Rug Cleaning Methods

If you prefer a hands-on approach to rug cleaning, there are several DIY methods you can try at home. Here are some effective techniques to safely clean your area rugs:

  1. Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming can help prevent dirt buildup. Use a vacuum with a beater bar or rotating brush to agitate and loosen dirt and debris. For delicate or antique rugs, use a vacuum with a suction-only setting to avoid damaging the fibers.
  2. Spot cleaning: For spills or stains, act quickly to prevent them from setting. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean cloth, then mix a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Apply the solution to the stain using a clean cloth, and gently blot until the stain is removed. Rinse with clean water and blot dry.
  3. Baking soda: Sprinkle baking soda on your rug to absorb odors and freshen it up. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum up the baking soda.
  4. Steam cleaning: You can rent or purchase a steam cleaner to deep clean your rugs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use caution not to over-wet the rug or leave it too damp, which can cause mildew or mold. It’s recommended to test an inconspicuous area first to ensure the steam cleaning doesn’t damage the rug.

While DIY methods are convenient and budget-friendly, professional cleaning may still be necessary for heavily soiled or delicate rugs. It’s important to take proper care of your area rugs to maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan.

Rug Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

Proper rug cleaning and maintenance can help keep your area rugs looking their best for longer. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Vacuum your rugs regularly to prevent dirt and dust from settling in. Be sure to vacuum both sides of the rug and use a vacuum with a power brush or beater bar for deep cleaning.
  • Rotate your rugs every six months to prevent uneven wear and tear. This is especially important for rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Avoid placing potted plants directly on your rugs, as the moisture can cause damage and encourage mold growth.
  • Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel to prevent them from setting in. Avoid using harsh chemicals or rubbing, as this can damage the rug fibers.
  • Consider professional cleaning for deeply soiled or delicate rugs. DIY methods can be effective for light cleaning, but professional cleaning can help maintain the rug’s quality and prolong its lifespan.
  • Use rug pads to prevent slipping and ensure your rug stays in place. Rug pads also provide extra cushioning and protection against wear and tear.

Remember, proper rug cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in keeping your rugs looking their best and extending their lifespan. Regular vacuuming, rotating, and professional cleaning when necessary can help prevent damage and keep your area rugs looking clean and fresh.

Rug Cleaners’ Reviews and Recommendations

When it comes to selecting a rug cleaning service, hearing from others who have had experience with the companies can be invaluable. Rug cleaners’ reviews and recommendations give you an insight into the quality of service, pricing, and overall satisfaction of previous clients.

You can find rug cleaners’ reviews and recommendations on various platforms, including social media, search engines, and specialized online review websites. Facebook, Yelp, and Google Reviews are popular platforms where you can find reviews for rug cleaning services near you.

When reading reviews, pay attention to the comments on customer service, reliability, and results. Look for patterns in the reviews and make sure to read both positive and negative feedback to get a well-rounded understanding of the company’s performance.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from your friends, family, or coworkers who have had their rugs cleaned professionally. They may be able to point you in the direction of a reliable and trustworthy service that they have personally used and were satisfied with.

By doing your research and seeking out rug cleaners’ reviews and recommendations, you can make an informed decision on which service to trust with your valuable area rugs.

Pricing and Service Comparison

When it comes to rug cleaning, pricing and service comparison are crucial in making an informed decision. It’s essential to evaluate pricing structures and offerings to ensure you receive quality service that fits your budget.

Many companies offer multiple packages with varying prices and services. Be sure to consider the size and material of your rug, as well as any additional services needed, when getting a quote.

Some companies may charge by the square foot, while others may charge a flat rate. Some may also offer discounts for multiple rugs or recurring services.

When comparing services, be sure to consider the depth of cleaning, equipment used, and experience of the technicians. Some companies may use a steam cleaning method, while others may use dry cleaning, traditional washing, or organic cleaning agents.

Reading online reviews and asking for recommendations can also help in evaluating pricing and services. Consider the overall cost-effectiveness and value of each option before making a decision.

Additional Services Offered

Aside from professional rug cleaning, many providers offer additional services that can help extend the life and beauty of your rugs.

Stain protection treatments: These treatments can help prevent stains from setting in and can make future cleanings easier. They typically involve applying a protective coating to the rug fibers, which helps repel liquids and prevent them from soaking into the fibers.

Rug repairs: If your rug has any tears, holes, or frayed edges, rug repair services can help restore it to its original condition. These services can include reweaving, patching, or replacing damaged sections of the rug.

Odor removal: If your rug has any unpleasant odors, such as pet odors or smoke, odor removal services can help eliminate them using specialized cleaning agents and equipment.

Before selecting a provider, consider whether they offer these additional services and whether they could benefit your particular rug. Keep in mind that these services may incur additional fees, so be sure to ask about pricing and options.


Now that you have explored the various places to get your area rugs cleaned, it’s time to make a decision based on your needs and preferences. Remember to choose a reliable and quality service provider who can offer deep cleaning and specialized care for your rugs.

Whether you opt for professional rug cleaning services, local carpet cleaning companies, or prefer a more eco-friendly approach, taking proper care of your rugs is crucial. Keep them clean and well-maintained between professional cleanings, and don’t forget to consider additional services such as stain protection treatments and odor removal.

Make sure to check reviews and recommendations to find the right rug cleaning provider for your needs. Evaluate pricing and service offerings to make an informed decision while keeping your budget in mind.

By following these tips, you can keep your area rugs looking beautiful and extend their lifespan for years to come. So go ahead and give your rugs the rejuvenation they deserve!

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